Workshop Options


Romeo and Juliet selected scenes

For this workshop, a large group is recommended. Scene 1 will be a crowd scene (perfect for a mixed ability class). Other scenes can be chosen in a co-planning session. In this age of troubled mental health, Shakespeare Experts does NOT recommend acting out the final, suicide scene, but rather, having a class discussion about alternative outcomes: in other words, how specific characters could have acted differently to prevent the teenagers from committing suicide.

Fairy Tales Problem Solving

Students help characters in fairy tales solve problems through improvisation.

Each workshop is designed for specific groups in specific settings, As Covid-19 is still an issue in schools, the setting (at this point a hired space) determins the number of students.




The prices on this website are not applicable to every situation. Depending on the venue, they will vary.

Individual monologue coaching: $250 per 1.5 hr session For auditions and competitions.

Groups with up to 6 students: $250 per student, per 1.5 hr session.

Paired drama work (including reading and writing elements as preparation for competitions): $300 per student, per 2 hr session.

Regular School prices: $1300 per hour, for a class of 15-36 students.